Made for Mums verdict!


My daughter Emily was very difficult to settle as an infant and has always slept better with white noise, so was a prime candidate for Whisbear. We didn’t get it until she was 5 months old, however, and I think she probably would have gotten more from it, had we used it from birth.


She recently started nursery where the staff told me she was difficult to settle and easily disturbed by noise, so we decided to send Whisbear to school.


Now they tell me that Emily loves cuddling the bear at naptime and she has gone from one or two 30 minute naps to two naps of over an hour after a few weeks of having the Whisbear with her.


Whisbear is easy for me to bring to and from school and means that Emily can have a little white noise as she sleeps to make the busy atmosphere of her classroom feel more like her bedroom at home.