Unikarhu Oy (Business ID 2776273-4) was founded in 2016 and distributes toys and functional products company focused on trade.

Our office is located at: Tapiola Industry House, Ahertajantie 6, 02100 (Tapiola), Espoo, Finland.

Our customer service can be fastest reached by e-mail at info[at]unikarhu.fi or via WhatsApp at +458 400 537924.


Dear Customers,


When we first learned about Whisbear and began to realise just what a fantastic innovation it represents, our mission was in no doubt: to make Whisbear available to families in Finland and Scandinavia.


As a parent struggling with sleepless nights and all that comes with this phase of your child’s development, Whisbear ® offers the potential for a tremendous improvement in quality of life. Whisbear is an extraordinary teddy bear already loved in many countries around the world by children and parents alike, for its ability to help babies settle and fall asleep.


Both companies involved in bringing Whisbear to Finland and Scandinavia, Unikarhu Oy and Whisbear, share the same core values: those of safety and quality. This is what makes partnership between the two organisations such a winning proposition.


Unikarhu’s mission is to share with Nordic parents the international phenomena of Whisbear®- the humming bear, which has already helped so many families around the world by improving their daily – and nightly lives. We believe that with the welcome help of Whisbear®, mum and dad can experience relief at those times when parenthood becomes that bit more challenging. All parents deserve rest and some well-earned “me time” and a family with Whisbear as a member can bring that dream a little closer.


Unikarhu Oy is proud to represent Whisbear’s international family and this serves as the latest example of us bringing you only the highest quality products. That journey will continue.


Stay tuned and follow us, because Whisbear® never sleeps and will keep you informed of all its latest news.


Tomi Vahevaara
Chairman of the Bear