Specially selected shushing sound


The magic of Whisbear® is locked in a small, round device. It emits white noise reminding babies of the sounds that used to sooth them during their prenatal life in the womb. This is why the white noise is such a powerful method of soothing newborns and also older babies. The sound we use in our Whisbear® has been „composed” by top class experts and than tested by thousands of Babies around the world. The type, frequency and tone of the sound we use is pleasant and safe for tiny ears and calming for a newly born mind.

Intelligent CRYsensor function


The shushing device features intelligent CRYsensor function. CRYsensor analyses the surrounding sounds and is particularly sensitive to the sound of baby’s cry. When it recognizes the cry it automatically switch on the soothing sound to bring the sleep back.


So how does it work, exactly? It’s very simple – after 40 minutes of initial shushing, that will help your baby to drift into a deep sleep, the sound fades away and the device switches to a stand-by mode. As soon as Whisbear® detects crying or the waking child nervous movements, it will react and automatically switch the soothing sound for extra 20 minutes after which it will go to a stand by mode again.

From the first day


You can start using Whisbear® as soon as you welcome your baby to the world. We use the highest quality fabrics that are eco-friendly and safe – Oeko-Tex® certificate is there to confirm it! The stuffing we use is hypoallergenic. We pride ourselves with the fact that Whisbear® has been approved by the Mother and Child Institute in Poland and received TÜV® International Safety Certificate to confirm the highest quality of production process.


Play time and sensory stimulation


We pride ourselves with the fact that Whisbear® has been approved by the Mother and Child Institute. You can start using Whisbear® as soon as you your baby is born. We use the highest quality eco friendly fabrics – the Oeko-Tex® certificate confirms it! Also – Whisbear’s stuffing is hypoallergenic. The TÜV® International Safety Certificate proves the highest quality of production process.


(Author: Ewa Misko-Wasowska, pediatrician, mother of two kids)

Falling rain, or the sound of wind, ocean or waterfall brings us peace and relaxation. Monotonous white noise is a salvation for many parents of small children and people with sleep disorders. Why is white noise becoming so popular? Recent years have brought us new studies testing the influence of white noise on human nervous system, in varied situations and with different age groups.



The discussion about white noise should begin with an explanation of what happens in the mother’s womb. In short – it’s not a quiet place. Blood rushes through the umbilical cord, the mother’s heart rhythmically beats, bowel movements. Actually, the noise is louder than a turned on vacuum cleaner! Quite a party! However, baby ears are protected with fluid, vernix and thick tympanic membrane. After birth children don’t hear all the sounds either. At the time their hearing threshold is about 40dB (so they might not react to our whispers, which are about 30 dB). In the first year of life hearing develops quickly and children are able to hear “quieter” sounds. Logically, quiet environment might be quite stressful for a new-born baby.



There are many types of noise, with names assigned after… colours; White noise, pink, brown, red and purple… Each of them is characterized by a different noise power on different bandwidths. Most of us know about the white noise, a name that is commonly used to describe almost all types of noise.


From the physics perspective the white noise is a mix of random signals of all the frequencies available to the human ear, where each frequency (a signal’s pitch) has the same power, is heard with the same intensity. The name comes from the analogy to the white light, which includes the waves of all lengths and colours (from infrared to ultraviolet).


The analogy can also help us understand and illustrate the white noise’s masking effect. When in a dark room, we immediately notice each new source of light. But if the room is already bright, new light sources, such as a lamp, flashlight, etc., won’t be as easily and immediately noticed. Individual colours of light won’t be as easily masked, either.


It is the same with sounds – in a quiet room it is easy to hear even the slightest sound. But in a room where white noise is on, other sounds are not so obvious.

Faster falling asleep


One of the studies showed that even 80% of infants fell asleep within 5 minutes after white noise was turned on (naturally, they were all fed) and only 25% were able to fall asleep in silence.



The influence of the noise was also determined by using the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). It turned out that the noise activates the routes related to dopamine – a neurotransmitter chemical. Dopamine-related centres are responsible for, among other things, feeling pleasure, rewards, and also memory.

Cognitive processes


Observation of children with ADHD seem promising, since white noise increases their concentration and improves memory. These children are on very strong drugs that are supposed to help them concentrate at school. A Scandinavian study shows that “adding” background white noise improved the children’s results when they had to memorize objects read from a test list. Since the affliction is linked, among others, with lower dopamine brain activity turning white noise on proved successful.

Continuous sleep


Two other studies show positive influence of white noise on the sleep of the patients on intensive therapy wards, where a lot of noisy equipment is in constant use. It is known that sleep helps regenerate organism, supports correct work of the immunological system and frequent arousals might upset and disturb these processes. It turned out that the patients who had white noise on in the background woke up less often. Their sleep was more continuous.



White noise might be useful in calming down a crying, stressed baby. It can also help a parent fall asleep, when their sleeping pattern has been deregulated.


Remembering about the benefits and potential negative side effects, we should follow these rules:


  • the volume level should not exceed 50 dB, which is equivalent to the sound of falling rain or shower,
  • the source of noise should not be placed directly at the baby’s ear but at least a couple of dozen centimetres away,
  • white noise should be used to help the baby fall asleep and it should not be on for more than 8 hours per day.


Every baby is different and it’s really difficult to guess the preferences of each, however according to parent’s feedback, Whisbear has some amazing results with older babies and if your little one had some experience with the white noise in the past Whisbear might be perfect sleep buddy.


Have you ever noticed that your baby was calming down when some shushing “home-made” WHITE NOISE equipment was on, making a constant sound in the background like for example:

  • kitchen ventilator
  • washing machine
  • hairdryer
  • running water or
  • he/she falls asleep easily in the car ?


If your answer is “Yes” Whisbear will most certainly help your baby!

You can start using Whisbear from day one. It is very popular baby shower present and a gift that is often taken to hospitals as a first toy.

Not many of us know that there is an instant noise inside the human body and it is no different in the womb. It is no surprise that the infants will not feel very safe in a total silence. Steady noise and in particular white noise is one of the elements that may help to soothe the newborn and small baby.


White noise reminds baby of a blissful life in the womb, but it also “masks” other sounds of the surrounding environment that can be disturbing and wake the baby up.

Absolutely. The sound of devise in Whisbear has been “composed” by top class experts and then tested by thousands of babies around the world. The type, frequency and tone of the sound we use are pleasant, calming and safe for tiny ears.


We use the highest quality fabrics that are eco-friendly and safe – Oeko-Tex® certificate is there to confirm it! The stuffing we use is hypoallergenic.


We are proud of ourselves with the fact that Whisbear® has been approved by the Mother and Child Institute in Poland and received TÜV® International Safety Certificate to confirm the highest quality of production process.


Several hospitals in Poland and Germany are using Whisbear with their little patients.

Yes, the shushing device is removable.


PLEASE NOTE: the device is not a toy and cannot be given separately to a baby or a child.

The Bear is made of soft and OEKO-TEX® attested fabrics. The stuffing used is Hypoallergenic. It’s a 100% EU product.

No, for safety reasons Whisbear is sold without batteries.

You will need 3 AAA batteries to operate the device. The battery compartment cover screw is inside the battery compartment. To open the compartment gently elevates the cover with a small screwdriver and remove the screw from inside. Place the batteries inside, put the cover back and tighten the screw.


Take a look at our video to see how to unpack the product.

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We are an exclusive distributor of Whisbear operating only in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. We don’t deliver bears outside the countries listed above. Also, Whisbear’s other distributors do not deliver bears to Finland and Scandinavia.


If you wish to have a bear delivered to countries outside Finland and Scandinavia, please visit www.whisbear.com where you will be redirected to a local distributor once you choose your delivery country from the list.

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Zuzia Sielicka-Kalczyńska


Founder of Whisbear® and mother of three boys. Her oldest boy’s problems with sleeping inspired her to search for the best and most effective ways of soothing children to sleep. Whisbear® The Humming Bear is the result.

Jula Sielicka-Jastrzębska


Founder of Whisbear® and a mother of two. Working with her sister, they transformed the idea into a brand recognized globally. She likes to keep us busy and and is continuously working on new products and innovations.