From Finland with love. The most somnolent teddy bear called Whisbear has been sent to Princess Sofia as a gift to help soothe Prince Gabriel to sleep.


When you look at whisbear you can see a cute, funny looking teddy bear, however long rusty legs and missing belly is not what makes him extraordinary yet.

“He saved my life”, “gold worth it”, “How did I live without him”, “we love him”… just a couple of comments about our teddy from grateful parents who knows what he can do.

Multi-award winning Whisbear is an innovative sleep aid created by two polish Mothers Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska and Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczyńska. Based on their own experience, they have designed a product aimed to help newborns with a smooth transition from a prenatal to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb.

Whisbear is the first sleep aid featuring the CRYsensor, an intelligent device that automatically activates calming white noise when baby starts crying.
Whisbear is also a sensory toy, a unique playtime companion that promotes both – fine motor and sensory development skills.

Whisbear is soothing babies around the world since 3 years with fantastic results and few months ago he expanded his mission to Nordic territory being proudly represented by Finnish company called Unikarhu.
Both companies involved in bringing Whisbear to Finland and Scandinavia, Unikarhu Oy and Whisbear, share the same core values: those of safety and quality.

Apart from thousands homes where Whisbear is helping babies to sleep, the bear was also sent to Kensington Palace two years ago as a gift for Princess Charlotte. That decision ends up with a meeting in person of Royal parents with Whisbear creators and receiving a Health Tech Award from Kate’s hands. Grateful Whisbear team who gave away two bears to royal parents during that visit had no idea then yet that they provoked Kate Middleton to the most famous joke to her husband that now they will just have to have more babies, and it will trigger rain of rumors about Kate’s potentially being pregnant again.

As they say in every rumor there is always a little bit of true but this time it was VERY TRUE!


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Unikarhu Oy sent whisbear to Sofia and Carl Philip with the same intention and feeling as we do for every family – to increase their chances to get more rest and a good night sleep. We imagine their daily life as very busy and followed by many eyes every day. They also have little Prince Alexander to take care of so they need all that energy. We believe that Whisbear can successfully support the Royal family in Sweden like many families around the world.




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