Last night a Whisbear saved my life


Well alright, not actually last night, a night about two months ago. Possibly longer, now. A Whisbear saved my life. Alright, it didn’t save my life, but it did save my sanity. And to think – I poo-poohed the idea of even reviewing one, thinking that Angelica was far too old, now, for white noise makers and the sound of the tumble dryer and nap times in the pram with the hoover running…


I thought that we had the sleep situation pretty much down to pat, but after a week or so of Angelica sleeping through, she began to wake up again multiple times a night (teeth? hungry? who knows) and the days of walking about like a knackered Zombie were back. I had a modicum of success with the iPhone app “Sound Sleeper”, but having to leave my iPhone in the baby’s bedroom all night, from 7pm, wasn’t ideal. I didn’t like the idea of the baby being next to the phone when it was on, either, so I used to put it on airplane mode, which meant that nobody could text or phone me after seven.